have you heard…? LARA BARS!!! Paleo Friendly (from Harlene)

4 Jan

Hey ladies and Mark.


All the Paleo bars that come in A LOT of different flavors are…

  • gluten-free
  • dairy free
  • soy free
  • free from GMO (genetically modified organisms) *though genetics was on of my favorite subjects last semester
  • free from animal products 
  • and…. kosher 
  • very bar has 1/4 of fruit
  • no added sugar 
  • great source of fiber! 

I was amazed when i went to whole foods, I looked at the ingredients right away!

Example: The flavor CASHEW COOKIE

ingredients: Cashew, Dates ONLY TWO INGREDIENTS!

If your normal and are having with sugar withdrawals like me you can try them. The bar balances itself out; having fruit and nut in it. So its like having apple w/ almond butter.

I ate one bar today and im not hungry or feeling jittery at all.

  1. Price it averages around 1.79-1.99
  2. didnt spike my insulin levels
  3. Can be bought at wholefoods

*Do research and visit their website!

NOTE: Read the ingredients, some bars contain chocolate chips, and the peanut butter jelly has peanuts but other than that ENJOY!


One Response to “have you heard…? LARA BARS!!! Paleo Friendly (from Harlene)”

  1. FitGirlsLift January 4, 2012 at 8:32 #

    Thanks for the info

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