Jessica Day 5

6 Jan

Food Intake

  • Breakfast: 2/3 apple w/ almond butter, 2.5 oz ham, Morrocon Mint Green Tea
  • AM Snack: 2/3 Carrot Cake Lara Bar, 2 Kale chips
  • Lunch: 5oz Baked salmon with lemon juice and capers, Jasmine Green Tea
  • PM Snack: Spinach and Mushrooms w/ olive oil and garlic (wheeeew, I felt like I sweat garlic during the WOD)! 1/2 Cashew Cookie Lara Bar (EEEK, I’m only allowed 1 per day), 1/2 banana, 3 Kale chips. Sheesh, am I a nibbler or what!
  • Dinner: 4oz Steamed uku with olive oil and green onions. 2 bites of fried (w/ olive oil) papio with Miso (will cut out all soy products). 2 tsp poi (I don’t like it so no thanks).
  • PM Snack: Cashew Cookie Lara Bar (ONLY because I stupidly took my vitamins on an empty stomach, and started feeling sick, so I grabbed the first thing that I knew was dense enough that would stop the nausea quick).

Workout: 500m: 2:19Deadlift 105, Bench Press: 35= 67

Reflections: Feeling good. Actually, feeling full with less amounts of food.


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