Jilly: Taking Paleo to the extreme!

6 Jan

Hey all you hot Fitches! My husband has taken Paleo to the extreme!!!! Here is a picture of him with his brother duck hunting. Just slap some kosher salt and pepper on those things and you’ve got yourself a true hunted paleo meal!!!


Today was a great day because I felt great! No more sugar spikes and dizziness!!! My meal this morning was my usual almond butter with banana and wheat round, some sour strawberries and couple bites of that avocado

My lunch I couldn’t take a picture because I devoured it! Spaghetti with squash as noodles. Oh my snack was turkey jerky about 2 pieces and 1/2 apple.
Dinner is cooking right now-hibachi veggies, chicken tenderloins, and opihi. Yummmm!!!
Workout was fun except for the dreaded rowing machine! But I made a PR so I’m happy about that!




See you all tomorrow!!!


One Response to “Jilly: Taking Paleo to the extreme!”

  1. crossfitxslm January 6, 2012 at 8:32 #

    That duck is definitely paleo!
    Thanks for the AWESOME pics Auntie Jill!

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