Cerizo day 9

10 Jan

Cookers….tonight i was going to make meatballs but the meat was to frozen. Note to self, defrost meat in the morning. I thought I could put in the microwave to defrost but my husband said no!

I liked today’s WOD. I have been lower on my weights lately knowing my body is undertaking a change. Form is the goal. I still benefit from the work out.

Breakfast: walnut ceral and banana with almond milk. One boiled egg and coffee

Lunch: pinakbet, pork and broccoli, and water.

Snack: dates filled with almond bitter and topped with Macnut crumbs. Tea.

Dinner: terry steak, cucumber tomato salad, clam chowder but only the clams.

Reflection: I agree with Jessica that I need to improve a cleaner paleo diet, but for now I am changing a lot. Once I get down some basics of cutting out grains, processed foods, dairy and refined sugars, I will clean up the meats, etc… One day at a time for now.

I am braking out major and my waste cycle is off. Hopefully it will get better soon.



One Response to “Cerizo day 9”

  1. fitgirlslift January 10, 2012 at 8:32 #

    Love the photo!

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