Jessica Day 9: Exhausted

10 Jan

First off, I’m exhausted! We adopted a new puppy to occupy our older puppy. She’s 2 months old so it’s like having a newborn all over again. She wakes up several times at night crying and I have to pet her back to sleep. I can’t even have my coffee in the morning since I decided not to have coffee if I couldn’t have it with my cream and sugar. Green tea doesn’t quite have the same effect that coffee does on me. So basically, I’ve been running around very Zombie-like and my house is a disaster.

Anyways, we named her Kaley, after the Kale chips (will post later) that I was making at the time=) . This way, I’ll always remember the beginning of this new lifestyle as she grows!

Food Intake

  • Breakfast: I made Paleo Pancakes.

Um no. I’ll never make them again. Maybe if I find a different recipe. I had one bite and decided to eat something else. My puppies liked them though=) So I ate the last  piece of turkey bacon, then 2/3 of a Cashew Cookie Lara Bar.

  • AM Snack: I made Zucchini cakes. 2 medium Julienne sliced zucchini, 2 stalks green onion, 2 clovers of garlic, 1 egg,  1/2 tsp baking powder, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 cu almond meal (optional) and coconut oil for cooking. Make sure ingredients are evenly mixed. Form smaller cakes for easier, even cooking. Cakes are hard to form because of the stiffness of the zucchini.

  • Lunch: 60z steak. I like my steak with tomatoes and shoyu (is that a Filipino thing or what). But instead of shoyu, I made a bowl of big chunks of tomatoes, cilantro, green onions, lemon juice and salt. Yup, that did the trick!
  • PM Snack: Date, grapes and 5 almonds
  • Dinner: Leftover turkey meatballs and 4 asparagus spears, 1/2 baked sweet potato plain.
  • PM snack: Grapes. Got the kiddos to settle for frozen grapes for dessert and they loved it!

Workout: The WOD was good. I told Jilly that I’ll stop hesitating to lift heavier weights out of fear of bulking up. Such a big issue/myth for women, but I’ll challenge myself and see what happens=)


One Response to “Jessica Day 9: Exhausted”

  1. marquescio January 12, 2012 at 8:32 #

    Yes! LIFT HEAVY! You won’t look like She-Hulk!

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