Diane O. Day 13

14 Jan

OMG…busy day! After a great workout went to COSTCO with Colleen, then got a bang trim, zipped to gym to showered off before going to visit my Mom, went to the mall to get a baby gift, then off to Mana for some prosciutto. Ended up getting home at 2pm and made the proscuuscitto asparagus wraps for tonight.  Finally sitting down and it is 3:30pm. Whew…don’t know how you Mom’s do it!

Breakfast:  Unprepared which is not like me…not a good excuse but with all the running around I just had a Nano shake, and some almonds (which I had the sense to pack the night before).

Late lunch:  6 shimp marinated in lemon and mango salsa, 4 dates, handful of almonds, sampled 4 prosciutto asparagus wraps, Perrier.

Dinner: Like Jill, I caved into her Mom’s delicious chicken wings (only one). OMG, she should market and sell them, they are that good.   Ate an array of laulau, luau leaves, watercress from soup, lettuce salad, seaweed namasu, cumber cups, 1 chicken wing, and last but not least a scrumptious date ball for dessert. It was a Paleo feast that we all contributed to!

***It was so much fun to get together outside of CF.  Loved all the support and sharing of what’s been going on during the Transformation. What a great great group of fitches. Love you all!


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