Harlene Day:19 Slight Changes

20 Jan


Today was a good recovery day! WOD was simple, but i got some insight for tomorrows WOD!!! All i have to say is TIE YOUR SHOE LACES UP AND DOUBLE KNOT IT!

Is this year ever going to slow down? Tomorrow CrossFit in the morning, then 2 hour meeting, then work till 3:30pm! Weekends aren’t the same anymore… oh well….!I wouldn’t want to slow down anyways! This year is going to like momentum in physics, once you get it started it gets faster and faster and FAST them POW 2013! But as Aunty Jenn said “2012, gonna get RIPPED”


Breakfast: Kashi Cereal w/ strawberries

Lunch: Big green salad w/ laulau and kimchee tako poke (from takamiyas) i love that market! Such a maui landmark!

Dinner: Chciken breast w/ brussel sprouts & onions (sauteed)

Snacks: 2 pieces apple, almond butter, dried mango, plantain chips, coconut water…. dont freak out! I was only grazing… but WAIT that can become dangerous….! Calories do ADD UP.. oh well im sure they will be burned tomorrow im still wondering when im going to eat my breakfast!?! I have no time in between to eat or snack! AHHHH!!! Help me JESUS!



Its only been 19 days but i can start seeing slight improvement in myself.

*I can hold my self up on the rings *i can do a double under * can do pull ups w/out the BAND!

I remember i started w/ just jumping! WOW….! I’ve improved alot… GOTTA STAY POSITIVE AND FOCUS ON THE IMPROVEMENTS RATHER THAN THE SET BACKS…


whatever the mind can CONCEIVE the body can ACHIVE, think positive thoughts!


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