69 more days!!!

22 Jan

I fell asleep last night looking at Facebook after I blogged and must’ve been extremely exhausted because I woke up at 4 am with the lights on and my phone on my chest. I NEVER fall asleep with the lights on. I wonder why I didn’t wake up when I dropped the phone on my chest????

Oh well I really wanted to sleep in but didn’t. I don’t sleep like I used too. When I only ran and didn’t do Crossfit I could sleep sooo much. I would take 2 hour naps too. Not any more;( I’m lucky to take a 30 min nap, if even that. I’m still really tired and have huge bags under my eyes but I CANT sleep. Im averaging 6 hours a night and I function better on 8. It’s ok for a few days but then it catches up to me and usually 1 day a week I feel horrible, look horrible and all I can dream about is sleeping …..AND its always on a day that I’m at work and can’t nap! Ugh!

Ok so last night even though I froze my ass off it’s ok because I wore a pair of white shorts that I bought a while ago but it was too tight. They still had the tags on them! I put them on yesterday and they fit really good. I wasn’t hanging over and I didn’t have to contract my abdominal muscles to button them up!!!!

Fitting nicely into clothes feels better then Yami yogurt tastes any day!!!!

Today I’m resting!!! Feeling lazy, lying in bed until 12:00 texting, blogging, face booking, and I’m gonna read the rest of primal blueprint. I have tons of laundry to do but it can wait.

Feeling positive today!!! 69 days doesn’t seem long at all. Funny how only 6 days ago I was an emotional wreck, crying, down in the dumps, wanting to quit! It was day 15 and it felt like an eternity. This experience has been a roller coaster ride that I’m so happy to be on with my fitches!!!

Breakfast as usual. I never get tired of it.

Lunch…planning on making salmon with lemon and capers over a large salad. Excited to eat a real meal today!!!

Dinner…don’t know.

Have a beautiful Sunday and see you tomorrow!!!























Posted 22 pictures to represent the 21 days of my paleo lifestyle plus 1 for good luck!!! I am always surrounded by people I love!!! Haha had to add picture of me and Mr. Big for fun.


2 Responses to “69 more days!!!”

  1. fitgirlslift January 22, 2012 at 8:32 #

    Loved the pics. Thanks for sharing. Where did you meet “Mr. Big”?
    Diane O.

  2. fitgirlslift January 22, 2012 at 8:32 #

    Loved this post. Great photos! ~jess

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