Harlene: Day 22 be KIND

23 Jan

hey ladies, im still trippin that i came this far!

But we still have a long road ahead of us if we are going to be “BUFF” 6% body fat like Mark!

Today was typical:

Breakfast: Go Lean Kashi Cereal w/ almond milk

Lunch: Big green salad w/ pork laulau (from takamiyas) i went to costco and almost bought the keoki’s laulau brand but put it back because i dont know how it taste plus it has butter fish! If any of you gals tasted it before let me know what you think about it! 

Dinner: Kind Bar

** i did have an actual dinner after the 5:15pm WOD because i had to babysit! Discovered Kind Bars via the Tone it Up gals. Smae concept as Lara Bars but its a lot chewier as oppose to the Lara Bar which is like mush… Personally i prefer the Kind Bars because its good, chewy, crunchy, and paleo! You can find them at Wholefoods or Foodland. Wholefoods has an array of flavors! But its on sale at foodland right now 3/$5. The only flavors i bought so far is nut & fruit/nut! Fruit/nut is my faovrite one so far! But read the ingredients carefully some are not paleo friendly other than that its good if your going modified paleo!


DONT BE FOOLED: Sometimes when we here the word turkey or chicken we automatically think its better and healthier but READ YOUR LABELS! Turkey bacon is much more processed and contains more sodium and i compared keokis pork laulau to the chicken laulau and the chicken one has alot more CALORIES!

so be smart READ YOUR LABELS! 🙂



One Response to “Harlene: Day 22 be KIND”

  1. fitgirlslift January 24, 2012 at 8:32 #

    What’s the diference in calories? Will try them.
    Diane O.

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