32 days and counting

2 Feb

Actually today was a wonderful day. I feel like I’ve adjusted nicely to my new lifestyle… Today that is. I cannot say how I will feel tomorrow because I’m taking it day by day. Last time I had that breakdown I felt like it came out of no where!!!

I woke up early enough to go to Cf at 5 or 6 am but Jilly and I already planned on giving the 12:00 class a try. We really enjoyed it!!! Something different for a change.

Breakfast as usual…oatmeal!!! I don’t understand why I haven’t gotten sick of it yet!!!! I am already dreaming of eating it tomorrow. I always finish my measured out 1/2 cup dry serving and always wish I could eat more. I add a tbsp of almond butter, 1/3 banana, sprinkle lots of cinnamon, a dash of nutmeg, and it is heavenly!!! 2 whole coffee cups of coffee with 1 tbsp of vanilla coconut creamer split in 2.

Snack… 2 tbsp almond butter… I think 3 tbsps a day should be my max so therefore I maxed out pretty early today. 5 strawberries.

Cf at 12:00

Lunch… I ate chicken soup with carrots, celery, and onions at Jillys after Crossfit. She sautéed Brussel sprouts, garlic, and portabella mushrooms in coconut oil….yummy!!

TMI:::::Went to my gynecologist for my annual checkup. Fun… Not! Anyway she answered some questions. I haven’t gotten my period in 3 months. I am not pregnant… I’m on the pill. I stopped getting it once I started going to Cf 4-5 days a week and running 20 miles a week. On January 2nd I promised myself and Lee that I would cut back on exercising soo much(particularly running) and stop doing double workouts in a day. I was told I was overtraining!!! I can’t remember exactly but Im pretty sure Lee promised me that I didn’t have to work out that much to get positive results. So… I thought I would’ve got my period last month because I stopped running but I didn’t. My doctor said it has to be because I’m gaining more muscle. She said when the body fat/muscle ratio changes you can stop having your period. Because I’m on the pill my periods were already pretty short and not too heavy. She told me there isn’t anything wrong with not having a period but for some women psychologically they feel that they need to have it. She offered to change my BCP so that I would get my period back but said it’s not necessary. I still pms and crave sweets right before I’m supposed to get it. I am totally ok with NOT having my period due to less fat and more muscle!!!

Snack…1/2 cucumber after my doctors appt. Taysia said she was hungry when I picked her up from school and I whipped a Japanese cucumber out of my purse. She laughed and said ,” you carry whole cucumbers in your purse?” I shared half with her. While cooking dinner I ate baby carrots and zucchini with approximately 2 tbsp home made guacamole, 1/3 apple with cinnamon, and 2 pan fried eggs over hard. I was hungry.

Dinner…. I made a ton of food because my hubby finally had a night off. This morning I asked Teva what he wanted for dinner…. chicken soup with kale and rice. I asked Taysia what she wanted…. Spaghetti and French bread with fresh grated garlic and cheese. So I made both. Luckily both are paleo subtract the rice, noodles, and french bread. I made turkey spaghetti and Taysia asked if I could make it like I used to make it. I guess the last time I made it (after jan 1) she said it didn’t have enough taste. I ended up making a huge pot and took some out for myself before I seasoned the sauce with more stuff. I put bell peppers, green beans, and mushrooms in mine. Yum!!! I had 3 spears of broccoli with a small serving of my veggie filled turkey spaghetti sauce because I was full from snacking.

I want more almond butter right about now so I better go to bed!!! See you all tomorrow!!!


2 Responses to “32 days and counting”

  1. crossfitxslm February 2, 2012 at 8:32 #

    sometimes after i eat dinner and feel like i need something else
    i brush my teeth and go to bed right away!
    thats the best mode of action!

  2. fitgirlslift February 3, 2012 at 8:32 #

    Gladly take more muscle sans the period:-) Glad you got it checked out.
    Diane O.

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