Diane O. Day 36

6 Feb

Liked the WOD this AM.  My forearms and traps are still feeling it from Saturday!Another week has passed…days are flying by. Made more of the Cuban Stew last night using skirt steak instead of flank.  $8.99 vs $15.99 per lb…no brainer.

Breakfast Post WOD:  Raspberries, blueberries, walnuts and almond breeze.

AM Snack:  Beef jerky, handful almonds, water.

Lunch:  Salmon on bed of Kula greens, sunflower seeds, cucumbers, purple cabbage, raisins, balsamic vinegar/olive oil, 1/2 apple with 2 T almond butter, hot water.

Dinner: Tummy feeling bloated after huge salad with salmon at lunch. Feeling full and bloated again after eating certain meals, especially lunch.  This time my theory is…. lettuce, yes my beloved Kula greens! My late dinner ended up  being a whole avocado, salsa, salmon, herbal tea, handful of frozen grapes.


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