Harlene: Cereal Change

13 Feb

I really thought about what Aunty Jenn said about being ma’a about my cereal so i compared all kashi cereals and i found one that works.

Kahsi: Heart to Heart Honey Toasted Oat Cereal.

  • 3/4c 120 calories and only 5g of sugar


Kashi: Almond Honey Flax

  • 1c 200 calores and 12g of sugar

**i ultimately want to get off cereal because the ingredient list is so long!

Lunch: green salad w/ chicken strips in marinara sauce

Snack: 1c of precut fruit mix that I made (consisted of strawberries and mango) 2tbsp almond butter

Dinner: Hamburger patty, green salad

**Bought some kale today at wholefoods thinking about incoorporating it into my salad mix that i make. will take picture tomorrow.

***Today i did not feel the aftermath of Flatbreads which was surprising because today i finally got my period and i wasn’t bloated.

****SUGAR IS CRACK and I really want to eliminate it! (well not natural fruit sugar.)

Today i cleaned out my fridge and i hate that i wasted so much money! I threw away all my raisin bran, chocolate soymilk, wheat thins, almond butter (dont like the one from costco, its too watery) and grommet green lettuce (stupid lettuce welts really quick after opening it!) I much rather shop at Wholefoods, at least i know that i will eat what i buy!

Trial and error, Trial and error.



One Response to “Harlene: Cereal Change”

  1. jennp February 13, 2012 at 8:32 #

    I agree sugar is crack. Good job getting rid of the raisin bran. If you eat raisin bran you might as well eat fruity pebbles or captain crunch. I’m proud of you!!! It’s not easy to throw away perfectly yummy food. But u are committed to success. We won’t let you fall off the boat just yet.

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