Harlene: 39 More days till Warrior Dash…

14 Feb

Today was a busy day, last night was even busier. I usually go to CrossFit Tuesday & Thursday (5am class) but i slept right through my alarm clock! Last night couldnt sleep! Kept tossing and truing

(couldnt find my comfortable position, trust me im like a pretzel when i sleep my arms & legs are all twisted into knots)

i think by the time i fell into REM cycle sleep it was probably about 2am! UGH… I woke up and the clock said 6:15am! I felt junk all day today! I missed my CrossFit! Im freaked out because i was dying to break a sweat! I would have goine to the lunch WOD but i had to sleep, or else i would have been all grouchy for work! Hate it when my whole schedule gets thrown off!

#Hate that im PMSing #Hate that i missed CrossFit! AH….! #im BLOATED

“Help Me Jesus!” you know its serious when you start to call on the Name of Jesus for H-E-L-P

on the BRIGHT side

@least i wont be like this for Warrior Dash because my menstural cycle would have happened already…

phew…! Thats a relief.  


  • Omelet (2eggs 2 egg whites) (mini peppers, red onions, & tomato) 1c pre-made Fruit Mix that i cut on my own consist of …..(mango, nectarines, & strawberries) (thinking about kiwis but i didnt buy them at Costco)
  • Ham slices w/ lettuce, red onion, cucumbers, tomato, & pickles (is pickles paleo?)
  • 2 tbsp almond butter
  • 1c fruit mix again
  • Chicken Leg, spinach & mushroom (sauteed)

**i think i need to cut some more things out if i want DRASTIC RESULTS for Warrior Dash!!

***Going to do a 4mile run tomorrow morning to make up today…. plus i really miss long distance running, i know we’re not suppose to do long distance running but i miss it so MUCH. I think im going to incorporate it M,W,F mornings before breakfast (i read that studies show running on empty stomach burns fat) or like do some sprints and stairs at stadium

I MISS DOING STAIRS ALSO! I think we should do a WOD session at stadium! What do you guys think?


One Response to “Harlene: 39 More days till Warrior Dash…”

  1. fitgirlslift February 14, 2012 at 8:32 #

    I miss the stadium WOD’s. Told Lee several times. Let’s get a group together and do and modify an old WOD!~Jess

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