Jilly: Technical difficulties

14 Feb

Sorry Fitches I’ve been MIA the past couple days my internet connection has been all out of wack!! Well I’m back ready to attack my first Valentines Day without crack (sugar:)! So far so good my coworker made red velvet cupcakes and don’t want that. It was so cute because this morning I surprised my kids with some Valentines day goodies (of course non Paleo) and Aiyana said “mommy I can share with you my snacks…oh yeah you can’t eat that” I reassured her that it’s ok I’ll just eat my boiled egg instead:) My Valentine and I have no plans for tonight-I’m not a really big Valentine person. I am cooking dinner in the crockpot so not too much work for me:)
Breakfast: protein smoothie, green tea
Snack: boiled egg, 1/2 sweet potato
Lunch: stuffed cabbage with ground turkey (my mom made it so yummy) Caesar salad
Snack: ok so much for no desserts i was bored and made this paleo raspberry swirl cake and spread some almond butter on top. It was actually pretty good!

Dinner: chicken tortilla soup (without tortilla for me) guacamole and yummy prime rib!!!
My raspberry swirl cake with almond butter hearts and XO!



One Response to “Jilly: Technical difficulties”

  1. fitgirlslift February 14, 2012 at 8:32 #

    That raspberry swirl cake looks sooo good and bet it was yummers as Jenn would say.
    Miss you at the morning WOD’s!
    Diane O.

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