Jilly: stripper stretch

16 Feb

Once again my wish came true of being the demonstrator of the class. Yesterday Mark asked me to demo the snatch and when I first started cf I told my sister that my dream was to one day be the demonstrator. So when put on the spot its a different story. But it was just me, Jess, Harlene, Adam, and Dave so no biggy. Today I was asked to demo the stripper stretch which I had no idea how to do so thank goodness for Jenn’s past experience in stripping that she was able to show us the proper way! J/k!!! It was a fun class-girl power!!! Although I am so looking forward to my much needed rest day tomorrow!
Breakfast: same with 1 cup decaf coffee and coconut creamer
Snack: 1 cup pistachios
Lunch: chicken tortilla soup (no tortilla) carrot sticks
Snack: omg I went to pick up the kids then went to Ross and Safeway and I was starving! I rushed home to eat my fav 1/2 apple with almond butter and a few strawberries with AB and a slice of pear with AB-apples are the best!
Dinner: pecan crusted chicken breast (recipe from Everyday Paleo) it’s still baking so haven’t tried it yet and sautéed asparagus and portabello mushroom (kinda overdid it with the AB so not really hungry will let you know how the chicken turned out)
I look like I have been beaten down with all these bruises and those wonderful t2b’s opened up one of my blisters! Fun times!!!



2 Responses to “Jilly: stripper stretch”

  1. harlean February 16, 2012 at 8:32 #

    totally love your BATTLE MARKS!

  2. marquescio February 19, 2012 at 8:32 #

    Awesome! You definitely can kick some guy’s butt or hurt his ego!

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