Signed up for the Crossfit Open!!!

16 Feb

Let’s do it FITCHES!!!
5 weeks, 5 workouts, $20!!! We have nothing to lose.

For me…. I’m going to try my absolute BEST… And forget the rest!!!

I would like the experience to be a learning/comparing tool for next year.

Breakfast 9:15am same

Snack:::might skip it because Cf is in a few hours and I ate breakfast late.

12:00 Crossfit::: fun because I got to workout with my fitches and because jilly was demoing stripper stretch but hard WOD!!!

Totally dehydrated and felt like crap after Cf. Nauseated!! headache!!! YUK!!! Note to self…. Don’t eat breakfast so late and not drink enough water when you are doing a WOD in the middle of the day when it’s hot. Diarrhea in the morning didn’t help the hydration factor!!! TMI!!!

Lunch::: cauliflower fried rice with chicken tortilla soup no tortilla and didn’t eat the corn and beans. 2 tbsp almond butter with 1/3 apple


Dinner::: I was starving and feeling better. I couldn’t wait to eat dinner at home because I would’ve eaten dinner at 8 pm. Got a chicken taco salad from Fernandos minus the cheese, rice, beans, tortilla shell. Basically chicken, dollop of guacamole, lettuce, onions, salsa, and jalapeño peppers.

Snack::: 11:30 pm carrots. Leaving early tomorrow for Oahu and returning Monday night. Teva will be playing in a soccer tournament. Still packing and getting everything ready. Emailing, texting itineraries, etc!!! Such a procrastinator. I’m the team mom and usually on it. Not feeling it this year. Husband is the coach and didn’t get Saturday and Sunday off of work so I had to book him 4 round trip tickets for the 4 day weekend, talk about insane!!! Luckily there are other coaches to help out or the team would be screwed . Thats why I’m not feeling it! Im gonna be stuck with some of the boys and picking my husband up or dropping him off at the airport a million times. I really wish I was staying home this weekend. I probably won’t have time to go shopping. Soccer trips are usually pretty stressful. 15 boys and their families. Coordinating is a bitch. We went to San Diego 1 1/2 years ago, fun raised like CRAZY, did tons of fun activities in San Diego but I was so stressed and busy leading up to the trip. Kids had a blast!!! But it took a lot of work!!!I wish I could just go to watch the games, sit back, relax, and cheer the team on!!!

So… If Tevas team wins this tournament they’ll have the opportunity to go to San Diego again because that tournament only accepts state champs…. Which they were 2 years ago.


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