Jilly: I really suck at double unders!!!

20 Feb

Don’t know how I regressed so bad because I was doing like 12-14 in a row now 1 maybe 2!!! Ugh it took me almost 20 minutes to finish Annie (and I love the movie-now don’t want to ever hear that name again!) And it actually wasn’t even a hard wod! Just those stupid double unders! I loved all the sit ups but now I have this gross strawberry on my butt and it’s ugly plus it hurts! On the bright side I made a PR for clean and jerk 85 pounds! I think the last time was 65! Was a while ago though! I tried 90 like 3 times and just could not get it up! Next time!
Breakfast: protein smoothie, tea, over medium egg
Lunch: went to a baby shower- steak, Korean veggies and Kim chee, Chinese chicken salad, lomi salmon kabob, 2 jumbo shrimp (barbecued in a cream sauce but it was yummy)
Dinner: left over stir fry and salad with guess what Annie’s dressing!!! Way to end my day with Annie (I was gonna say something derogatory but don’t want to ruin my innocent, sweet girl reputation:)


One Response to “Jilly: I really suck at double unders!!!”

  1. harlean February 20, 2012 at 8:32 #

    just by reading your title, me too!
    at least you attempted to do Double Unders…
    i just went straight to singles!

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