harLEAN: yikes!

24 Feb

for some reason i thought that the CF open was at the Stadium!! I thought all Maui CrossFitters were going to get together and do the challenge. I saw the post on the MCFE website with the stadium pic and thought it was the Memorial Stadium hahaha its a good thing i asked Mark or else um… yeah…hahaha YIKES!

Although today was busy it went smoothly. Woke up did Math Quiz, had to sit in a Psychology Lecture, had a meeting because i have a new client, and did some chores & prepped food.


  • 2 boiled eggs 1/2 papaya (spritz lemon)
  • Whole Foods Lunch: small box green salad (romaine, purple cabbage, cucumbers) apple cider vinegar dressing 3 pieces sesame tofu 2 pieces of chicken thigh (flavor lemon & herb)
  • greek yogurt mixed w/ 1tbsp AB, 1tsp honey, 3 strawberries (sliced), 1/3 apple (diced)
  • 1c left over chili (i made enough on Wed to feed an army) med bowl salad 1/2c plantain chips


Trying to stop the late night eating habit!


i ran out of my kale salad that i made for the past week or two so. today i went grocery shopping and my lunch salad really inspired me to try some new things. I made a new salad mix and is so yummy!

  1. gourmet red leaf lettuce
  2. romaine lettuce
  3. purple cabbage
  4. swiss chard
  5. cucumbers

i so LOVE this combination you can really taste the difference in organic lettuce. The taste and texture of the romaine was different in a good way! So much more cleaner and fresh tasting. Swiss chard gave salad an earthy flavor and celery flavor if you steam and not just the leaves.


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