harLEAN: yawn…

27 Feb

i’ve been in my lounging clothes all day, i even ran some errands in them. NO BRA too haha i was “hanging loose” today (tmi)

mondays are considered a weekend day for me because i dont have any classes but i do have to work from 2-5 (i got a new client last week, today is my first day with her)

*update on 9:30am Warrior Dash. SOHI Fitness is awesome, still waiting to hear back to do the actual transfer. They said they had 2 slots open so i contacted my brother in Christ Nathan in Oahu (he won the maui 1/2 marathon last year & came in 2 place for the Great Aloha Run this year) and he wants in the action! So awesome iLOVE when God opens doors of opportunities supernaturally. 

sorry didnt blog Sunday, didnt eat much, to be honest i havent really had an appetitie lately. I think im trying recover from the pumpkin shots!


  • 2 boiled eggs
  • 1c chili (it was my last cup left) med bowl green salad mix 1 package plantain chips

NOTE: 1 serving of plantain chips (wholefoods brand) says 1 serving is 1/4c and amount per container is 4 but thats a lie its more than 1/4c i split the container 4 ways and its about 3/4c

  • 1/2 c of greek yogurt mixed w/ papaya & strawberries

NOTE: I actually  make 1 cup of yogurt mixed w/ 1/4 papaya & 3 sliced strawberries BUT i only ate 1/2 of it an hour before WOD (pre workout) my lunch was at 11:30ish ate this pre workout at 4:15ish big gap and i was starting to feel famished.

  • grilled veggies & 1 breast chicken.

Like how we did at the b-day party but i used light butter.



im getting more serious because its the final countdown to Warrior Dash!! I really want to get as ripped and fit as i can be within 26 days. It will be hard, there will be temptation, and temper tantrums… but i have a goal here ladies! I’ve slipped of the wagon more than once but its finally hitting me that warrior Dash is right around the corner. NO MORE SLACKING OFF gotta keep myself accountable! Gosh only if it hit me on day 1! 😛


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