Jilly: too much fun in Cali:)

2 Mar

Went to Crossfit Huntington Beach this morning. It was awesome-of course not as awesome as our box!! It’s just so nice to go to a box and know what they are talking about. All of us crossfitters have a common language and basically are part of a community. I just thought it was so cool because we just walked in there, introduced ourselves, told them where we were from and jumped into the workout! No hassle! Plus the members there were super cool and actually one of them said that she really liked us. Another girl liked Jenns top so she was like feeling her up. We told her that’s exactly what we do at our box!! She said “sorry I know I just met you guys and I’m totally feeling you up.” It was funny. Looking forward to tomorrows class it’s a team wod yay!! We then went shopping at like 5 food places: Trader joes, albertsons, whole foods, farmers market, then back to Albertsons. It’s just so much cheaper here for groceries so it’s fun!
Breakfast: oatmeal with protein powder, tea, 1/2 apple with AB
Lunch: California Pizza Kitchen roasted veggie salad and Mediterranean salad (shared with Jenn and my moms)
Snack: tons of apples with AB and 5 strawberries
Dinner: taco salad, guacamole, salsa, etc. yummers!!


One Response to “Jilly: too much fun in Cali:)”

  1. jennp March 2, 2012 at 8:32 #

    Jilly that was so funny I almost thought she was gonna touch my boobs too because she liked my top!!! Lol.

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