Day 63 Jenn

4 Mar

Oops didn’t blog yesterday. We were busy all day. Started day off with Crossfit and basically shopped the rest of the day…. Until closing.

Jilly and I were kinda tired this morning but we had plans to workout with a high school classmate of mine and kauilas that I haven’t seen in 17 years. He and his wife are personal trainers. We did a leg circuit and actually had to cut it from 5 rounds to 3 rounds or we wouldn’t be able to walk tomorrow. And… We still need to so some serious shopping. We are crossfitshopaholics!!! I invited them to come to Maui and stay at my house!!! They are also thinking about giving CF a try.

We are having so much fun!!! Also got to see one of our really good friends michele, who came with her family to our family picnic today!!! She is also going to give CF a try. She sees our post on FB and has a friend who does CF and after talking to us, she wants to see what the hype is all about.

And…. We talked to my Aunts step daughter and husband who were interested in CF too. They had tons of questions about our workouts!!!They are an athletic couple and CF sounds like something they’ll try!!!

Food::: doing good. Paleo!!!

Breakfast::: same

Lunch:: pulled pork, turkey, lettuce

Snack::: almonds

Dinner::: will be large salad with pulled pork. Topped my salad with 1 tbsp guacamole, lots of salsa, and 3 plantain chips.






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