Last day in Huntington Beach

7 Mar

8:00 CF. I worked out everyday except day of arrival because we got here at night. We come home tomorrow and Jilly is banning me from doing a WOD tomorrow when we return.

Breakfast::: as usual

Snack::: apples with almond butter

Lunch::: Went to have lunch at my aunt Julie’s friends house in San Clemente!!! She is 90 years old and still conducts tours around the world. She is taking a group to Portugal in September. She has travelled all over the world and her home had breathtaking ocean views!!! But lunch… well not so good. Generic salad:::: honestly, McDonalds salad is probably better. She did make a rum cake that looked delish but I didn’t try it.

Shopping.. Shopping.. And more shopping.

Snack::: more apples and almond butter!!! Almond butter was a staple of ours on this trip!!! We ate 3 large containers and we are still not sick of it.

Dinner::: Thai red curry with chicken and veggies, salad, bacon with kale and the green leafy tops of beets (aunt julie made it and it tasted like laulau), cauliflower fried rice!!! Jilly and I made a paleo dinner for our mom, aunties, and uncle. They truly enjoyed it. Cut up some strawberries and apples and sprinkled it with cinnamon and served it with almond butter. Yum!!!

Packed our bags and like every other time I go on vacation I buy so much shit. I honestly thought I did good this time but I couldn’t fit everything in my suitcase. Thankfully Aunt Pam is letting me borrow a suitcase. Another time I came to Huntington beach I did the same thing… Now I’ll have 2 of Aunt Pam’s suitcases.

Can’t wait to see my kids!!! I miss them. Looking forward to working out with my fitches. Bummed I need to go back to work!!!





One Response to “Last day in Huntington Beach”

  1. harlean March 7, 2012 at 8:32 #

    i think that you peeps are the only ones who could go on vacay & lose weight, so much will power!

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