Jilly: dancing alone:(

10 Mar

Went to Fridays wod. It was only me, Wakon and Laura. It was an EMOM so everytime after I do my 3 I always dance with the remaining seconds. Usually it’s me and Jess or me and Jenn but they weren’t there!!! And Wakon and Laura were looking at me like I was a freak! Who cares, dancing during a wod is totally my thing just can’t help it! I was so excited to be back at our box!!! This was an exhausting day for me because on Thursday we got in at about 3 then picked up the kids and bought dinner at Bali (too tired to cook). When I got home my house was a disaster!! Well I may be exaggerating a little but it was very messy. There were damp towels in the hamper and laundry up the a$$! Dishes were piled in the sink and some of the bowls had crusty oatmeal!! I wanted to cry! Oh and you should’ve seen my car!! Cereal on the seats, water bottles galore, shoes and clothes everywhere! I was not a happy Fitch! BUT I did have to come to the realization that Wakon was all alone with the kids for 8 days and getting them up, ready for school, picking them up and taking them to activities, going to work and cf then feeding them dinner and getting them bathed and ready for bed is definitely not easy. Plus I do all these things so he is not used to all the extra responsibilities. I will be doing laundry for the next week though!!
Breakfast: usual protein smoothie, tea
Snack: boiled egg
Lunch: beef and veggie soup, leftover protein smoothie
Dinner: chicken cacciatore, large salad,
Dessert: 1 strawberry, 2 pieces of watermelon, tea


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