17 Mar

7:00 CF!!! I could feel the energy and love!!!

Busy day today!!!

Breakfast::: same

9:00 Taysia soccer game::: lose

11:00 Teva baseball game. Teva up to bat twice….hit a triple;) and got a base hit:) win

Snack::: carrots and turkey slices

12:30 In between games went to Old Navy!!! They were having a great sale!!! T shirts and tanks were buy one get 1 free and I had a 17% off coupon. Lots of other things on sale too! Tanks for $3.94 and super cute!!! Bought too much like always!!!!

Addiction # 1 Sugar
Addiction #2 Crossfit
Addiction # 3 Shopping

I got rid of addiction # 1, # 2 is a good addiction, and I don’t think I can eliminate # 3. I love to shop:) If I can’t eat sugar I need to buy clothes, shoes, purses, accessories, workout attire, etc!!! A girl can never have enough!!!

2:00 Lunch with Jilly and Colleen:: Fernandos chicken taco salad minus all the non paleo ingredients. Anyone know someone that works there? I need the recipes for the chicken and slow cooked pork. Soooo delish;)

3:45 visited Kim and her new baby Madison. She is adorable!!!

4:30 Teva soccer game: Tie

Snack:: almond butter and apples

6:00 Taysia soccer game: Tie

Dinner::: will be at Brandy’s….corned beef and salad

Oh what a day!!!


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