Jessica Day 78: You better post something HarLEAN!

19 Mar
Just wanted to remind HarLEAN to post something! I will pour ice water over your head, per your request! C’mon, let’s GO!
  • Breakfast: 2 egg omelette w/ mushrooms and onions, 1 cu coffee w/ almond milk
  • AM Snack: 1 small papaya
  • Lunch: Chicken and Veggie kabobs, asparagus
  • PM Snack: Trail mix
  • Dinner: Butterfish, zucchini, roasted pork
  • Post Dinner Snack: Apple banana

Ahhh Helen and HSPU. Good workout. Jilly and I tried to call out the new guy Joe for using a 20# KB. But I guess he said that during his last WOD, he said he saw me and Harlene in beast mode doing deadlifts so he pushed himself and ended up hurting his back. EEEK! Funny, but EEEK! I also got busted by Mark for not going high enough on my pull-ups, so I did extra afterwards.


One Response to “Jessica Day 78: You better post something HarLEAN!”

  1. harlean March 19, 2012 at 8:32 #

    omg 20! hes gonna get it when i see him haha

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