harLEAN: chug chug chug….

20 Mar

PUKE! well… almost.

here is why:

  • BF: vitamin C packet w/ water
  • L: chicken veggie sushi roll & juice

at wholefoods you can customize your own juice (my combo apple, celery, and kale) i tought it would be awesome and refreshing but i thought wrong. This juice combination is meant for extreme peeps who really emphasize health. It tasted like liquified salad, i should have turned away when the lady made it at the end she juice 4 stalks of celery and 5 leaves of kale. Forced myself to drink it cause it was $5 for 12oz, i tried but only finished 1/3 of it! Never again. Next time i’ll do something less hard-core haha

  • D: veggies, turkey slices, blue berries
  • 1c apple diced

dont know why but i have a headache today, drinking vitamin c packets so im A O K for Oahu. yayerss… so fricken ecstatic. Going to get me a SUPER CUTE victoria secret bikini and hang it up as a reminder that Summer Vacay is around the corner. I want to be showing skin by then with confidence.

OMG was it hot this afternoon i guess thats what i get for going to 12pm WOD. I did see Aunty Jenn which was nice because we havent done a WOD together in forever. PS loved your booty spanks (aunty jill wore the same ones yesterday) 🙂 your legs definitely look a lot leaner!

2 more days of instruction and im FREE, such a needed vcay. JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN!


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