Jessica Day 86: Back to the grind

27 Mar

Haven’t blogged in a bit, sorry. Took me a while to even recover from the BEST WEEKEND EVER! I honestly don’t remember what I ate for Days 79, 80 and 81…my usual Paleo of course. For days 82-84. I indulged quite a bit and it felt oh so good! However, 1. I felt like crap physically afterwards and 2. I was really wanting my usual Paleo treats: banana w/ almond butter, fruit bowl w/ drizzle of honey, trail mix, etc. Day 85: Mostly Paleo and I found a leftover Starbucks brownie from the airport. I totally ate it but whatevs=)

  • Breakfast: banana and almond butter, 2 eggs over medium, coffee w/ almond milk
  • AM Snack:
  • Lunch: Rotisserie Chicken
  • PM Snack: trail mix, date ball
  • Dinner: 5oz steak w/ tomatoes and a salad, frozen grapes
  • Post Dinner Snack: Banana and almond butter (guess I’m making up from not having this on the weekend).

Good WOD but I felt like a fool during the warm up, going over the different running techniques/movements. Was totally wiped out after the WOD, but I love that=)


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