harLEAN: out of sight out of mind

28 Mar

korean chicken, pog pie, pumpkin mochi


cant eat any of the yummy food because im on a Daniel Fast for church.

Cant eat meat, sugar, fried foods 😥 this makes me awe fully sad.

so excited for Aidans 4th Birthday party its going to be the BOMB.com

so my diet has been somewhat vegetarian lately due to my fast:

  • BF: small apple banana 1 package oatmeal
  • L: quinoa and vegetables (beans, pumpkin, okra)
  • ED: (early dinner) small sesame tofu, cucumber/avocado brown rice sushi (wholefoods)
  • S: will be an apple

had an early dinner because lunch was eaten at 10:30 next meal was at 3.

Saw myself on the news picture DAMN IM HUGE i really gotta start losing the F.A.T

i really have to start watching my calorie intake and portion sizes.

today i washed my WD apparel its been soaking in tide for 2 days it finally smells good and my shoes dont stank anymore yay….

didnt go to CrossFit today my body still feels out of wack! but i think it’ll be in full swing mode tomorrow still trying to wake my bootay up at 5:30 to go running (3miles) but i LOVE my sleep.


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