Hungry hungry hippo

29 Mar

Well I’m not really a hippo nor do I ever plan on being 1…. but I’m hungry.

5 am:::CF

7:00:::: work:::: lunch bag packed

Breakfast::: no change

10:00 Snack::: kalua turkey and snap peas with home made salsa.

3:00 Lunch::: turkey meatloaf muffins and large salad. So late today because work was crazy.

Ate some at lunch and some with morning Snack::: Greek yogurt and strawberries. Love love Fage Greek yogurt with cinnamon. 23 grams protein for 1 cup, no fat, 120 cal.

8:00 Dinner:::grilled veggies, 10 almonds, turkey meatloaf muffins.

Snack::: omg work was nutso. Left late and kids requested ice cream on my way home. Contemplated ice cream or diet coke. I said I would have diet coke on Oahu but I didn’t so I ordered 1!!! First sip wasn’t so great but on the 2nd sip I drank the whole darn small soft drink!! It was good and something I wanted for the past 80 something days. I’m over it. I really needed it today after bussing ass at work. I literally ran for 12.5 hours at work today and on just 5 hours of sleep last night wasn’t cutting it.
I resisted temptation last night at my moms house for dinner. I turned down my moms oh so yummy lemon cake, Jessica’s husband Adams famous super duper yummy pog chiffon pie, and my fave….. ice cream.


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