Diane O. Day 90

1 Apr

What a WOD….found it hard to run 200 meters and then lift my knees for box jumps. Sorry Fitches thaI could only stay and help paint the boxes.  I wanted to had help out my Mom’s caregiver earlier than expected yesterday with my Mom since two of them were gone for the morning. Needed to do that before picking Lisa up at the airport at 11:00am. Rushed morning!  We went to a friend’s Celebration of Life in the afternoon.  It was a much needed closure for a lot of us since she left us so suddenly.

Post WOD Breakfast:  Green Tea/Noni mixture with 8 oz water. Did not pack snacks.

Late Lunch/Early dinner: Rushed when I got home.. and had to get ready for Celebration of Life at 3pm. Ate at gathering…2 meatballs,3 pieces pineapple, 2 pieces sweet potato, scoop of quinoa, 1mozzarella/tomato screwer, 2 prosciutto/mozzarella screwers, a bit of of kalua cabbage.  Can’t believe I remembered all that I ate!

Post Dinner Snack: Lisa and I had red wine, frozen grapes and trail mix at my house. (I had one glass).


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