Bad bad girl yesterday.

2 Apr

Haha didn’t blog yesterday because it was a day of over indulgence. I ate soo many desserts. Totally worth it as now I’m back to paleo.

Breakfast::: same

Lunch::: Greek yogurt, 10 small strawberries, 5 almonds, meatloaf, cucumber, and baby carrots.

Snack:::Probably greek yogurt. If I eat it twice a day I’m sure to meet my protein requirement. Also this time around I’m gonna cut back on the oh so delish but highly fattening almond butter and see if I tone up more.

Total fail…. Ate cashews and pistachios instead for snack.

5:15 CF

Dinner at Jillys::: asparagus, scallops, salad, hamburger, pumpkin. Yum!!!


One Response to “Bad bad girl yesterday.”

  1. harlean April 2, 2012 at 8:32 #

    NO AB!?!?
    you can do it

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