Jilly: taxes are done:)

5 Apr

What’s even better is that I’m getting some money back yay! But that money is going to pay taxes for this year so boo!!! Oh well can’t complain. Still sick and partially sore. I know I’m just a sob story right now!!
B: proothie, tea
S: don’t think I had a snack. I was so busy doing my taxes didn’t realize it was 1:00 and I was starving!
L: hamburger patty, lettuce, small green salad, couple bites of pumpkin with ham
S: handful of pistachios, leftover protein smoothie
D: made beef stew in crockpot but started it too late so it wasn’t done by dinner time. Went to Bali had seafood pho minus the noodles asked for veggies instead, 1/2 barbecue chicken
I’m so over this being hurt/ sick crap! Not doing cf for almost 2 weeks makes me realize how much I need it for my mind, body, and soul! I’m a grouchy bag right now!!!


One Response to “Jilly: taxes are done:)”

  1. fitgirlslift April 5, 2012 at 8:32 #

    Feels great to have taxes done, huh? Should be getting mine back from accountant soon.
    Hope you’re feel better soon. Is your back getting better?
    Diane O

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