harLEAN: omg sugar hang over

8 Apr

some of you might me hunged over from last night. Not mentioning any names. but i have a major SUGAR HANG OVER! it is not pretty. Im bloated, im tired, i feel dehydrated, ah!!!!! i hate doing this to myself. On the upside last night was so hilarious haha that was awesome and dinner was great too. it was pupu style (kind of) and it was delish. OMG loved that apple tortilla thing, it tasted exactly like apple pie!

alright FITches are y’all ready? our bikini summer challenge starts this MONDAY THE 9th. 🙂 i think the email said it was a 90 day challenge. so it ends JULY9th! im thinking thats a long time from now but warrior dash came quick. im guessing the same for this challenge also. it’ll be over as soon as we started it (hopefully i really commit to this challenge 🙂 )

what i ate?? omg so MUCH! if you had it i probably had it also. hehe


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