1/90 harLEAN: day 1 fitches (for real)

9 Apr

its day one! im excited because we are doing this as one big FAMILY though my team is going to kick A$$!!

  • BF: greek yogurt w/ diced apple banana/kiwis (drizzled honey, just a little)
  • L: salad (gourmet lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, tomatos,avocado) w/ light mustard vinaigrette dressing, open sandwich (slice bread, 2 slices ham, 2 slices fat free cheese) all ingredients from WHOLEFOODS and i mean ALL! im a sucker for that store. 
  • D: same salad, 1 packet Annies Organic instant mac&cheese (from WF) 
pm workout: 5:15pm CrossFit

going to farmers market tomorrow gotta restock on some veggies & fruits. If i cant get it at WF i usually tend to get it at the farmers market (i best not cave into the bread lady) Trying to stay away from Costco. as for the dressing ugh… i can take it or leave it. didnt use much just like 1tbsp. for entire salad. its organic and since its light it only has 40calories for 2 tbsp. but idk its probably going to stay on my fridges door, forgotten and be thrown away like the rest of my dressings from the pass.


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