Diane O. Day 1 of Transformation Challenge

9 Apr

Forearms feel like Popeye after WOD!  So glad Lee and Joe showed up for weigh in this AM.  Turnout for fitches was great. Happy Monday!

Post WOD Breakfast: 1/2 cup Oikos Greek Non Fat Vanilla Yogurt (non-fat way tastier), handful raw almonds, water.

Lunch:  Will be… 1 serving quinoa (w/ chopped celery, pistachios, blond raisins), topped with chicken-broccoli stir fry,  1/2 apple w/ 2T AB (almond butter), herbal ice tea.

Dinner:  Large servings of cauliflower “fried rice”, lettuce wrap filling  (beef)with 4 celery sticks(almost like it better than lettuce), water. Dessert 10 frozen grapes.

* Like Jilly, I am changing up my food challenge.  Going to maintain Paleo lifestyle but it will be 80/20 for now.  Will be adding quinoa and possibly lentils for weight and muscle gain. Total Paleo was not what I thought it would be for me these last 95+ days. Could be genetics, who knows.


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