Jilly: Day 1 again!:)

9 Apr

Ok Fitches it’s day 1 and I’m changing it up for this next challenge. Gonna incorporate a meal plan that I got from Oxygen magazine similar to Jamie Eason’s live fit program (minus the 5 egg whites for breakfast). Just can’t do it right now maybe at 30 days i can try it. So basically it’s pretty much paleo except for the whole grains, dairy, beans, and legumes (ok that was a lot thats not Paleo) plus some things are limited like nuts which is good because I think I was overdoing it with nuts on the last challenge. But don’t freak out when you see me eating whole wheat tortilla or whole wheat pita flat bread pizza (ground up garbanzo beans, tomato sauce, low fat mozzarella cheese, basil leaves). Me and my niece Taysia went shopping and she said that I am not going to end up eating all this stuff. I told her I have to try! I need/want different results this time (not lose so much and gain more muscle). So today this was my menu:

I was not totally prepared for this because i didn’t go shopping until the afternoon so I changed it up a bit.
B: 2 whole wheat toast with 1 tbsp all natural PB (oh and let me tell you I have missed PB:) 3/4 orange (no grapefruit) 1 egg overhard, water
S: so my snack was suppose to be 16 pistachios and 2 clementines but I am so sleep deprived because of my dumb coughing so I slept through my snack
L: woke up hungry no chicken sandwich so ate chicken tortilla soup, 1/4 orange, few carrots, piece sweet potato
S: this is where I had the 16 yes 16 pistachios!!! And string cheese. Last challenge I would’ve ate 50 pistachios:)
D: this was a total fail! I tried to make this opah with some julienne carrots, peppers, and eggplant but the fish was totally hard and firm not flaky at all. I couldn’t eat it. I had couple bites of some leftover ham and a green salad. Then I made this protein smoothie with banana, cottage cheese, PB, milk, and ice. Took couple sips of that but saving it for tomorrow. It’s suppose to be a post workout drink. I hope this works better for me. It’s hard because it’s something new but kinda fun changing things up and making it challenging again. I think at every meal today I told myself that I was just gonna go back to Paleo because it’s easy and I know what to eat. I’m gonna try my bestest to stick with this and see the results!


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