Diane O. Day 6

15 Apr

Sorry, too busy to blog day 6 yesterday.  What a fun group WOD.  Talk about team spirit and building camaraderie.  We have a winning team! Hectic day…time management a real challenge today.  Too much on my plate and it’s not food!

Late Post WOD Breakfast:  WF…1 slice roast beef (ugh, very tough could not even cut) ended up throwing 3/4 of it away), 1/4 c quinoa, 2 T hummus, 3 brussel sprouts, water.

Lunch:  Nada…still full from breakfast. Should have made time for a smoothie but no time. Got home from doing “stuff” at 2:45pm and needed to get ready to leave for Grand Opening an hour ago. Yikes!

PM Snack: At Grand Opening…delicious BBQ meatballs, mozzarella/tomato sticks, chx caesar sticks, berries, pineapple, celery, carrot sticks with a bit of hummus and 1 bite of cake.

Dinner: Was invited to a BBQ but stayed at Grand Opening too long and decided to pass on it. Not hungry but Lisa called and met up with her at Paia Fishmarket… had 1 very small fish taco.



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