Diane O. Day 8

16 Apr

OVERSLEPT…forgot to change alarm clock setting from Saturday’s 6am wake up to 4am Monday get up.  Uhhhh…wondered why when alarm went off the sun was up…hello!  Love going to Monday WOD’s to get my week started. Decided to go to Darrel’s noon class.  It was hot but got through the workout.                                           Did not get the usual “strawberries” on my okole this time.  Took Lisa’s advice, she said Coach Keoni has them go to wall and use dumb bells to hook their feet under, which helps from scooting forward avoiding mat burns!                                                  Sore from all the push ups but love how it makes my arms look…pumped up.

Breakfast:  Homemade trail mix, water.

Lunch:  12 noon WOD.  No time to stop at WF and pick up lunch. I know….my bad!

Snack:  Trail mix, lots of water.

Dinner: 5 left-over meatballs, large kale salad with fixin’s, herbal iced tea.


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