Diane O. Day 11

19 Apr

Rest Day…yay!  Having an exhausting week.  Thought about going to PM WOD cause it had things I need to work on but unfortunately no shoes. Had lunch with “VS” teammates at Ale House.  Thanks guys for breaking up my day with some laughs.

Late Breakfast: Beef jerky, water. Decided to add more protein to the first meal of the day. Actually felt better on my tummy than the usual berries/walnuts/almond breeze.

Lunch: Swiss, mushroom burger (sans the bun), lettuce, dill pickle, sweet potato fries, water.  ***Forgot to mention yesterday that a patient brought me 2 small pieces of her homemade “no frosting”chocolate cake which she made with zucchini, applesauce and honey. Had a small piece and took rest to Mom. It was amazing. Not guilt ridden at all (cause it was somewhat healthy), totally satisfied my sweet tooth which surprisingly I have not had in weeks.

Dinner: Still full from lunch…had a handful of plantain chips, 1 apple, 2 T  AB, 2 dates, lots of water.


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