Jess Day 11: 1/2 Team Lunch

19 Apr
  • Breakfast: Banana w/ almond butter,  coffee w/ almond milk
  • AM Snack: 2 egg scramble w/ carnitas
  • Lunch: 1/2 oriental chicken salad, 1/2 grilled steak salad, sweet potato fries
  • PM Snack: papaya
  • Dinner: Roasted turkey, grilled veggies

Jilly MADE ME go to the 6a class this morning=) Sorry Joe for the last minute decision. Glad I went and got my workout done because I felt like I really needed to stay put this evening. Like Jilly said, it was nice to eat dinner at a decent hour for a change. However, I’ve been dragging since 3p. I’ll need to figure out a better schedule.

I fully enjoyed lunch w/ Di-ane (said with accent, hehe), Jilly, Joe, Adam and Mia @ the Ale House.  Ate too many sweet potato fries! Talked about team stuff for 2 minutes, the rest was fun and games, haha.






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