Colleen day 13

21 Apr

Fun team Wod today! Hang cleans made my forearms feel like Popeye!

Large cup of Starbucks coffee w/tsp of cream cinnamon, nut meg and vanilla.

B:: 3 egg bacon omelette and 1 French toast! Can’t remember the last time I ate french toast! Boy was that yummy!

L:: small bowl of chili

S:: 1 can green tea and 3 almonds.
Kale chips!!! Sooo yummy!

Dinner:: 27g chicken breast, 1/2 veggie wrap from Mana foods
1 date ball

Went on a road trip to Mana foods in paia today to get 3 tubs of kale chips, coconut aminos, no egg salad, carrot cashew pate, 1 bottle of BioAstin hawaiian astaxanthin antioxidant,2 glass water bottles and a creamy root beer soda (Chris)…My bill came out to a whopping $105!!! Boy, did everything add up! For a brief moment there,i wanted to put back all the food except my glass water bottles!! Lol
Anyways, Going to try the antioxidant vitamin that Diane and the sales rep recommended to take. It suppose help athletes w/recovery and whole bunch of other stuff! Will post a picture of the bottle.



One Response to “Colleen day 13”

  1. fitgirlslift April 21, 2012 at 8:32 #

    I’ve been taking the BioAstin for sometime now and it really helps in muscle recovery.
    I know what you between WF and Mana $$$ it was crazy!
    Diane O

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