Day 15 Colleen

23 Apr

2 large cups of coffee w/small piece of sweet bread! Yum!! Made Chris take the rest of the loaf to work before the loaf ends up in my tummy, then wear it over my ab muscles that I’m busting ass for, arms and thighs!

S:: 3 mini egg muffins, 3 slices of cucumbers, 2 slices of baked sweet potato

L::: salad, 2 pieces of pot roast, 1piece of potato, 1 sm carrot! 2 slices of sweet potato.

S::cucumber w/carrot cashew pate

D:: salad w/2 pieces of pot roast and 1 piece if chicken. 1 date ball

For the last week and 1/2 I have been obsessing over all the junk food you can think of!!! My stomach has been nothing but a bottomless pit!!! Ugh I hope this passes bc it’s very frustrating! Had I kept that loaf of sweet bread, by the end of tonight it would have been in my tummy!!! I told Chris that he seriously needs to put a lock on the fridge and pantry at 6 PM sharpe every night!!! 😉 LOL


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