Jilly: day 15

23 Apr

Oh Monday has come and gone thank goodness! Was feeling very lazy when I got to cf this afternoon. Thought about not going, then got there and changed my clothes and thought about how much I was going to whine to Mark about how hard it was going to be and how tired I was:) Good thing I didn’t do any of those things because I actually made a PR on my back squat 145 baby!!! Then I thought the wod was going to take me all night but actually i completed in 7:20:)
B: 1 cup oatmeal, 2 tbsp raisins, cinnamon, 3 egg whites, tea
S: boiled egg, 1/2 cup Trail mix
L: beef soup, 3/4 pear
S: string cheese, 1 slice whole wheat bread, rest of pear
Cf 5:15
D: “clean” Chinese chicken, big green salad topped with 15 almonds, 2 tbsp guava vinaigrette
S: debating on protein smoothie or licking a tbsp of PB off a spoon. I am craving PB!!!

Sorry don’t know why the picture is turned.


One Response to “Jilly: day 15”

  1. fitgirlslift April 24, 2012 at 8:32 #

    Impressive day of food Jilly! You gave me some good ideas.
    Diane O.

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