Diane O. Day 20

28 Apr

20 days since we started new 90 day challenge…total of 118 days on Paleo lifestyle for me. Fun team WOD.  Way to go “VS”!                                                                                       Thank you Jilly and Wakon for the hospitality.  Fun getting together with fitches and bros for great food and plenty laughs.                                                                                 Legend, thanks for the speed walking demo…you da man!

Breakfast:  On the weekend run again doing errands and visiting Mom then shopping in Paia. Totally forgot to pack cooler with post WOD treats.                          Had 1.5 liter of green tea noni water.

Lunch: Last of Paleo lasagna, 2 figs, herbal iced tea.

Snack:  Blueberry Lara bar, water.

Dinner:  Yummy Paleo dishes at Jilly and Wakon’s. Kale and lettuce salads, eggplant  pepper dish, patelle stew, cauliflower” fried rice” and chicken curry, beef broccoli, fried bananas with cinnamon and peanut butter. ‘Some’ white wine .

PM Snack:  Wakon’s PM protein shake. Totally hooked on this tasty concoction!


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