harLEAN: 5.1.12.

1 May

im back! its almost towards the end of the semester and things are starting whittle down.

yes yes yes i admit i haven’t been the healthiest this month. i’ve basically eaten whats fast, convenient, and late night munchies because sometimes i stay up till 12 studying. no wonder people call it freshman 15. but except for my freshman year i lost weight i guess for me it would 15 junior.

besides school. well thats basically my life. I’ve been looking at other schools around WA area. Thinking about U Dub if i ever want to transfer which i do for my graduate degree. Besides nursing i also want to major in biological sciences. Next semester i’m taking chemistry how exciting!! Wanted to try some intermediate classes like chem, physics, math before i want to move on to higher level classes. Med School is still up in the air i would really love to. Ultimately i want to do medical research and patient care. =) we’ll see we’ll see life is a journey and im going to enjoy it.

alright enough about school. lets talk about health. gosh my body can feel the extra weight i put on. there is this pain/pressure on my hip bones and i feel heavier when i was doing pull ups monday.

Dr.Nate comes to maui June 21. and he plans on beach, beach, pool, beach, trilogy, pool, surf, BEACH! my victoria secret bikini will definitely be put to good use when he arrives but first things first i need to look fierce in it! DUH!!!

i think there is still time to look bikini ready before he arrives…right??

Food Log

  • BF bare oats plain oatmeal
  • S low-fat string cheese and organic apples

(going to give up string cheese do damn salty! loved the organic apples. gosh you can just tell the difference between organic and GMO)

  • L quinoa, 2 oz bake salmon salad

(i’ll take a picture next time)

  • S palmful of grapes
  • D pasta salad

(thinking about switching quinoa and pasta salad because quinoa is not a carb its a seed. so maybe it might be healthier at night)


ive been trying to buy all organic foods. whole wheat. and  lean protein.


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