Jilly: day 25 Rx’d on whining

4 May

Too much whining this morning at the 6 am wod. I was so tired and sore but of course I still went to cf. Once we started lifting I was ok but prior to that I was a big whining mess! Thanks Mark for being so patient with me. I always think he probably wants to say shut the f up but he is way too nice to say that.
B: Greek yogurt, 3 strawberries, sunflower seeds, 1 egg, 1 whole wheat toast
S: few cubes of watermelon, plantain chips dipped in a jalepeno yogurt dip
L: seared ahi sandwich with wasabi aioli sauce, Caesar salad
Went to the mall for a little bit then got the dreaded call from Aidan’s school saying he had diarrhea. Rushed to pick him up. Yikes I hate the stomach flu with a passion!
S: small cup of protein smoothie
D: wasn’t hungry but forced myself to eat chicken soup, kambucha
After that I felt sick! Don’t know if I have the stomach bug but it’s now 1:52 am and I can’t sleep. Tummy sore and very uncomfortable! Good thing I called in sick for work already. Not gonna be a fun day!!


2 Responses to “Jilly: day 25 Rx’d on whining”

  1. fitgirlslift May 4, 2012 at 8:32 #

    LOL at you thinking Mark probably wants to say “shut the f’ck up!” hahaha!!~jess

  2. fitgirlslift May 4, 2012 at 8:32 #

    Hope you feel better soon!

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