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Cammie + Jessie = BFF!

30 Jul

Yesterday, my brother and I tried out CrossFit SoCal. It was a partner WOD and my brother’s 3rd WOD ever. He only finished his 2 of his beginner classes at CrossFit Poway. But CF SoCal has these Weekend Warrior WOD’s open for everyone. Long story short, my brother couldn’t hang so I ended up doing the entire WOD solo. Actually, the coach was cool because she jumped in a couple times. Needless to say, I was exhausted and of course today, sore as hell!

Had a long day of running last minute errands before our trip to LA tomorrow. Then we took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese’s. Got home and I had 5 minutes to sit down. I seriously wanted to just nap OR just go to CrossFit Invictus to pick up some shirts AND hopefully see Camille. BUT I got my ass off the couch after 2 minutes and got ready to work! I felt like I had to represent. Got there early, looked around once, and nope Camille wasn’t there so I focused on stretching and observing all the cool things about that box. I just really have to say WOW. That box is awesome! First of all, everything had their logo, even the bathroom signs. They had an electronic check-in system (with keychain cards), a locker room with benches and lockers, water fountains and my favorite: fresh towels for all! They had photos of their games athletes blown up all over the walls. Everyone was SUPER nice and welcoming!

I went to the  Performance and Fitness Class. Dave Lipson, Camille’s fiancé was running the Competition class and there was another Oly Class going on as well. So, we were doing drills as a warm-up and I was in the line closest to the rig. We were on our last drill of lateral lunges (where we alternate directions) and when I turned around on my last lunge, I looked up and saw……..CAMILLE doing back squats. I actually did a double take because she was smaller than I expected. I said “Oh HI!!!!”  and introduced myself. I told her I was visiting and blah blah blah and then we decided we’d chat and take a picture after the WOD. She continued doing her own thing: back squats, weighted pull ups and muscle ups. The class continued to do jumping squats w/ the bar and kettle bells. I guess they like Russian kettle bell swings. Mine were too high and my squat was too low. The coach taught me the efficiency of Russian KB’s.

Afterwards, Camille pulled me aside and said that she had to leave  so we chatted a bit. I told her how awesome she was at the games. She said she’s never trained so hard in her life. Thought that she was done after Camp Pendleton because she was “injarred.” Didn’t like running in her Reebok shoes but she had to because they’re sponsoring her. I told her it was so nice to meet her and was asked how crazy it must feel to be a huge CF star. She said it is crazy because all these people know so much about her and sometimes it creeps her out. We took a picture and darn it, it’s blurry!=( Anyways, she really is a sweetheart! So down to earth and funny. She said at the games she was thinking “FUCK, I’m so exhausted and I have to do all this while I’m injarred?!” Hahaha.

We were kind of rushed because the WOD was starting so I had to go, grrr…. but I’m so glad I met her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then after the WOD I talked to Dave. Told him to come to Maui and we’d take good care of them. They’re having their civil ceremony August 25, then saving up for a big reception next August. I told him they should honeymoon in Maui and that Joe would hook them up at the Four Seasons=) He really loved that idea because the’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii. He brought me outside to take a picture in front of the Invictus sign. Said he couldn’t wait until Camille finished up her Chemical Engineering degree so that he can be a stay at home husband/dad and just run the box outside of their house. Haha!

Anyways, SO GLAD I WENT! CrossFit Invictus rocks. The coaches rock and CAMILLE IS SO WONDERFUL and SWEET and BEAUTIFUL. I love her=)


Jess: Love being with my familia

8 Jul


7/5: Long travel day with the kiddos. They were pretty good considering we had 12 hours of travel time together. Got to my parents’ house after midnight and didn’t sleep til 1:30. Eeek. 

7/6: Went to Target AND In-n-Out, YEAH! 

7/7: Went to the Navy Base and bought a ton of whatevs. Can’t believe how cheap everything is!

7/8: just relaxed! Cold got worse but it’s nice to just stay in for once. 

Ready for a week of shopping, meeting up with friends, CF GAMES, a bachelorette party and then….VEGAS BABY!

Food-wise, I’ve been moderately good. Other than the In-n-out Burger and delicious Pollo Asado burrito, I’ve been Paleo. Although, I’m probably exceeding my fruit limit. 




Jess: packing, prepping and paperwork

3 Jul
  • Breakfast: 1 bite of an egg, 1 cu coffee w/ almond milk. Didn’t eat bc sore stomach
  • AM Snack: Nada, wasn’t hungry even after no breakfast 
  • Lunch: Pastelle Stew, a LOT of water
  • PM Snack: Banana and almond butter, 1/2 cu coffee w/ almond milk
  • Dinner: Big salad and Pastelle stew, a LOT of water
  • Post Dinner Snack: 3 slices d’anjou pear and almond butter

Been super busy running errands (goodies for the fam and friends), packing, paying bills, paperwork, cooking/freezing meals for the hubby, prepping for flying solo with the kids, etc. 



Diane: Oh where…oh where is AA?

30 Jun

Need to clarify…my bad, AA did not come to WOD this AM.  Thought it was AA’s white truck that pulled up at 7am.  Figured out it was Ramon’s truck.  Sorry AA, thought you turned around and went back home, lol!                                                                               Found the WOD to be pretty “forgiving” for those of us who felt like jello after last night.  Missed everyone who decided to sleep in!

Post WOD Breakfast: Protein shake

Lunch: WF…salad, 2 pieces grilled zucchini, chicken mushroom stir fry, water.

Early dinner: Grilled spicy chicken, kula greens, water.

PM Snack:  5 strawberries topped with 3 T Oikos Greek yogurt, lots of water.

Jess: easing into workouts

28 Jun
  • Breakfast: 2 eggs, chicken and apple sausage, cup of coffee w/ almond milk
  • AM Snack: papaya
  • Lunch: Big salad, ahi poke
  • PM Snack: 7 carrots and cc pate
  • Dinner:  Salad (eek, no protein)
  • Post dinner snack: 4 slices salami, 5 cashew clusters, herbal tea

Went to CF this morning, made my own WOD again. Did DU’s but subbed the snatch and pull ups with squats and lunges. So out of shape, but starting back slowly. Watched the boys snatching and ummm, scary! Mark almost got a hernia and Jason kept throwing the bar back. Too much testosterone, haha.

Jess: Yay bloggers!

27 Jun

Awww yeah! Thanks for blogging Jenn and Joe! Good summary, Joe! And lmfao at your title, Jenn! So true (for me. 

  • Breakfast: 2 eggs, 1 chicken sausage, 1 cu coffee w/ almond milk
  • AM snack: small papaya, 4 cashew clusters
  • Lunch: Big ol’ salad w/ guava dressing (i know, too much sugar), guacamole ahi poke
  • PM Snack: probably Diane’s yummy cc pate and carrots. 
  • Dinner: Uncle Bruce’s bday, Jeff/Amanda/Kai’s last day, Mark’s bday Dinner, so…. a bunch of yummy non paleo stuff. 

Legend: Day 84

26 Jun

BLogging because i’m still up and i saw jess’s Post so why not start it up again. Only 6 more days anyway haha. Just to catch up on things for the past couple Months/Weeks/Days, Congrats on the Twins Jess, HDS Thursday’s with Mark, Jenn, Jill, And Jason, Bromance/Fitches work outs while jason and Adam goes on vacation, Happy Birthday To Colleen and What a hell of a pre 40th Birthday Bash on the Party Bus, Welcome back to CF Adam and Jason, and of course ma homie jess, And of Last but not least, Another Birthday Shout out to FRONING AND BAILEY (Mark and Jason). Glad to have to whole crew back at the box. Yesterday must have been the biggest turn out on a weekday since doing Saturday Team WODS. Great to have all the positive energy back at the BOX.

Pre-Breakfast: 50 Grams Whey Protein

Breakfast: 1 whole egg and 4 egg whites with 2 slices of wheat toast and a Banana

Am Snack: 1 Apple

Lunch: Spicy Tuna Sushi From safeway with Brown Rice and a Banana

515 CF: Need to start running more.

Post Wod: Post workout shake

Dinner: Chicken Breast, Brown Rice, and Steamed Vegetables with Water and a Diet Coke. (Needed Something Carbonated) From AK’s With Adam

PM snack: 10 Grapes

Bedtime Snack: 24 Grams of Casein Protein and Tablespoon of natural Peanut Butter.

Back in Blogging Action

\m/ LEGEND \m/