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2 Jul

I was getting fluffy from my carb diet. Feels so much better to be eating clean again. I hope all this fluff disappears before the CF games.

Breakfast: same + 4 strawberries.

Snack: 3/4 of a hamburger patty with a slice of tomato and onions and ketchup. 1 piece of tevas peach.

Super starving today. Probably really just need to drink more h2o.

Lunch: large fresh veggie salad, Teri chicken pieces, few bites of date/walnut bar.

CF 5:15 pm planned.

Dinner::making pizza for kids but I’ll eat salad and Teri chicken again. Had avocado and strawberries too.


July 1 already!!!

1 Jul


I’m at work while my family and friends are at the Westin;( no fair!

Snack:: hard boiled egg and papaya

Lunch:: salad, hamburger no bun with ketchup, guacamole, raspberries.

Snack:: Lowfat popcorn and water.

Dinner::: Costco rotisserie chicken breast, carrots, 5 strawberries with a hint of peanut butter.

Where are my blogging buddies?

3rd day

30 Jun

CF!!! Tired!!! I missed all my peeps! Only me, mark, Diane went from those that went out to Sanseis. Adam supposedly parked but was never seen. He bailed. Oops wrong info about Adam.

Breakfast: same plus a papaya

Lunch: Bale Teri chicken and lettuce. Few pieces dried mango

Snack:: OD on pistachios!!!

Dinner:: making hamburgers at mom and dads tonight. Will eat it with veggies and guacamole without the bun! 5 cherries

Day 2

29 Jun

Breakfast oatmeal, 2 cups coffee with 1 vanilla creamer, 1 tbsp all natural peanut butter

Snack turkey, hard boiled egg, lettuce, and salsa

Lunch salad, Thai chicken coconut curry, papaya, taro

Snack coffee and apple banana.

Sanseis tonight for Marky Mark and Jasons bday. Need to control myself.

Back on track. 13 more days til Cali

28 Jun

This is gonna be like rehab all over again. Detoxing again!!! 1 week will feel like eternity.


Gonna work super hard to be 95% compliant on my modified paleo diet (eating clean)

Breafast: my usual oatmeal, 2 cups coffee with 1 tub vanilla creamer, 1 tbsp natural peanut butter

Snack: lettuce, 2.25 ounces smoked salmon, small piece sweet potato

Lunch: salad, chicken veggie Thai curry chicken dish from party last night, Steamed asparagus

Snack:: coffee with 1 vanilla creamer… 30 calories. Blogging as the day goes.
2 1/2 fresh raw figs from my coworker

Dinner 20 almonds, can of tuna with mustard, asparagus

Ive gone off the deep end

27 Jun

OMGEee. I promise to start blogging tomorrow. Today is my daddy’s bday and brothers last day. Gonna eat paradosdos and desserts tonight then totally back on track til I go to CF games.

Jenn day 45

23 May


Breakfast::: same

Snack::: fage yogurt, cinnamon, peanut butter

Lunch:: salad, turkey curry, egg.

Dinner:: coffee, banana, and PB.